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This Is Why Coaches Struggle With

We know what it feels like

Do you to any of these statements?

You work hard but...

However hard you work, it always seems so difficult to get new customers. SOMETHING seems to be always blocking you

Your clients love your coaching but...

It's so frustrating when customers love your coaching but it's still so hard to convince new clients. SOMETHING is missing! you know it, you can feel it, you're that close to figuring it out.

You feel overwhelmed

There's so much to take care of and what you want to do is coach others. Selling is difficult, marketing is even worse, there seem to be SOMETHING you don't know, a code you haven't been able to crack yet.

If so, then one of these is also true...

You first go to when it comes to developing your business is building more knowledge for yourself?

When you badly need new customers, you reach out to people around you or old clients to get leads?

Michael Beck, CEO & co-founder

It's a good thing you found us!

Sit down and buckle up because we're about to turn things around!

" They really put some fire under my *ss but the results are here!

They helped me build a lead generation machine and organize my coaching business for growth.

I can now focus on doing what I love to do: coaching and helping my clients achieve their goals without having to worry about where the money is going to be coming from next month."

Priya L. | Manifestation Coach

There is to success for coaches

If you can bear with me for a couple minutes,
you'll get the AHA moment.

So far, you’ve tried a little bit of everything. You’ve had a website designed for you, a Facebook page built for you, someone created a video for you, you’ve tried ClickFunnels, Instant Pages, or other out of the box systems and you may even have hired someone to run ads for you. And if you’re here today, it means it hasn’t worked out that well.

Am I right?

See where the problem is?

"for you"
That's where the problem is


All these contractors worked to please you and that's why it's not working!

They sold you something you like because they wanted your business. 

At Beck+Tan, out of honesty, we DO NOT CARE about what YOU like.

We care about what your clients like.

And Customers like Consistency

They like a message that is clear from end to end because the subconscious mind trusts consistency

How can you show consistency AND clarity with inconsistent work from all your contractors? 

Marketing is not about making things beautiful and throwing them in front of as many people as possible. 

Marketing is about creating a message that is clear, easy to understand with no visual or functional parasites

"Build a wall!"
rings a bell?

How do we do that?

We created our Business Success Agency to bring consistency (and success) to your business

In order to make your business successful, coaching is not enough, marketing is not enough, mentoring is not enough, web design is not enough… You need all of that, created as a whole, not as a patchwork.

You need consistency (no kidding!)

You need a PARTNER to help you with all aspects of the sales process with, guess what, consistency in order to get new customers.

Lu Tan

Lu Tan, co-founder

We won't pat you in the back and say everything is awesome because, obviously, it's not.

We will look at all you have: Your website, your social media accounts, your posts, your numbers, your PDFs, your pictures and we will have you get rid of ALL THAT IS NOT HELPING.

Because let’s be honest, if it was all good, you wouldn’t be on this page right now because you’d be flooded with customers… Glad I have a point!

We will tell you what to do and when to do it because, after all, WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT and you don’t. Just like when we take a coaching, we listen to our coach and do everything they ask us to do because they’re the experts. 

Steve Jobs said: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they tell us what to do”And Steve Jobs had was, at least in business, a very successful man.

Why are we ?

for a starter, you're reading this page and you've been doing it for a few minutes now, so we must be doing SOMETHING right

Mike Beck

Michael Beck started his first business in 2007 in Paris, France after spending 10 years building a career in public education. He lost everything he had during the first 3 years and finally cracked the code to success after 2011. Together with Lu Tan, he built businesses around the world. Mike’s superpower is that he can start a business with nothing and take it big and has a natural gift for marketing a business

Lu Tan

Lu Tan grew up in the upper society in China before moving to France for college. She worked on various entrepreneurial projects before meeting Mike and growing businesses around the world. Lu Tan is also a YiJing Master which allows her to program business development based on people’s energy. Her superpower is her incredible capacity at sourcing products where and when nobody can do it.

And we hire smart people who tell us what to do because we put our money where our mouth is. This alone should qualify us, don't you think?

How to start with us?

First you need to make sure you're ready for a hell of a ride!

We won’t just say amen to everything you say. We will take you out of your comfort zone because it seems that, in your comfort zone, success isn’t happening. We will plan actions strictly and ask you to abide by all deadlines. We will get you the success you want to have but it will take some effort on both sides.

Second, be clear on what your goals are!

If you want to have 10,000 clients, we will get you 10,000 clients. But don’t expect to reach this goal by being a one-person team. We will work with you on planning for growth in terms of everything: employees, office, lawyers, wealth management, cash flow management, EVERYTHING.

Third, it won't be free!

Even though we organized our business so that we can offer our customers high quality services at an affordable price, it still requires some investment. In average it takes our customers between  $9,000 and $15,000 in various expenses to become profitable and scalable. So if you’re not ready to invest money in your business, save yourself some time, we’re not the right fit.

Are you ready?



You’ll be talking to Mike Beck. 

He will assess your current situation, understand your goals and walk you through the process of getting to where you want to be.

He will also let you know if we can work with you.

Make sure that:

  • You will be available on time
  • You won’t be disturbed for 30 minutes
  • You have all your business information handy

Need a little more information before getting on a call?